How is Tyro Jobs different from the competitors?

March 23, 2019
Category: Announcements

With many IT companies setting up their offices in the city and the surge of entrepreneurs the number of opportunities available for freshers across all industries in Hyderabad has increased.

Tyro Jobs has identified the gap between the supply and demand of jobs requiring MBA graduates across all the industries in Hyderabad which we are planning to fill using our innovative drive concept. We are also planning to help the MBA freshers in making them industry ready through various workshops and courses specifically designed for them. This will improve the employability of the students. Check out our courses and workshops for more information on this.

Tyro Jobs has also made applying for jobs a very streamlined and simple process with online resume which will save the time taken to prepare resume which the students can utilize in building skills. This unique feature will also help in maintaining the uniformity among the students. Check out our registration page for more information.

Tyro jobs initiative is going to help both organizations and students alike. Organisations can reduce their cost of recruitment and training which they can outsource to Tyro Jobs. We also offer various add on services such as verification which will help the organizations in reducing their screening times. This will fasten the whole recruitment process.

From a student’s standpoint they can avail our transparent recruitment process which opens doors to the opportunities available to them. This will put the student in a position to make an informed decision. Also they can utilize our courses and workshops to learn and hone their skills to make themselves employable. Students planning ahead can reduce the gap between their MBA Graduation and their first Job.

Wishing you the very best. Tyro Jobs is focused on making sure MBA freshers like you get the desired job in Hyderabad market. For any queries/advice, please feel free to contact us.