Verification Status

You haven't submitted the verification form. Please submit the verification form in your Account Menu first.


Interpreting your verification status:
Pending: We are yet to review your verification form
Processing: We are in the process of verifying your academic credentials
Approved: Your academic credentials have been verified. Your resume would now be highlighted to the recruiters when you apply for jobs
Disapproved: We are unable to verify your credentials right now. For queries, please drop us an email to

Note: Job Applications submitted before verification of the resume would not be highlighted even after the verification status is changed to approved. In order to make sure you applications are highlighted, first get the verification done before applying for jobs.

Alternatively, if you have already applied for a job, you can delete your previous application in ‘My Applications’ in your Account Menu first and then reapply for the same job after your verification status is changed to approved.