Digital Marketing – A Primer

Instructors :

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In this introductory video tutorial to Digital Marketing you would be able to understand the past, present and future of digital marketing.

You will be able to understand how marketing has evolved in the digital age in Lesson 1. This will be followed by how technology is changing the way we do business in Lesson 2. Lesson 3 takes you through evolution and future of social media, while Lesson 4 elaborates on the power of social media in building brands. A quick case-study of how a whale became an internet sensation would be taken up in Lesson 5, which would then be followed by parting remarks on how social media is changing and how businesses can use this innovative tool to their advantage in Lesson 6.

Instructors: Mike Osswald, Richard Heaslip, Jerry Kane, Daryl D’Souza, Alexis Ohanian, Teresa Heath-Wareing

Total Video Duration (6 Lessons): 1 Hour 21 Minutes

Source: Tedx Talks